Thanks to the Sage (Google), I have recently found a way to distribute .pdf files through the blog. I wanted to get this figured out because that’s the kind of thing I like to know; unsolved problems really nag at me. . .

So here is the Vision-Casting worksheet that I developed with help from my good friend and fitness buddy, Ron.

Click here to download the Fitness Vision-Casting Exercise Worksheet (4 pages).

This worksheet will help you develop your personal fitness vision. Please email me if you have any thoughts, questions or feedback about the form. If you read the “Vision” blog, you understand how I see vision-casting and goal-setting as an interactive process. The neat thing is that, once you get started, your ideas will start to percolate and you will probably come up with some great new ideas.

Please note:  You will need a .pdf viewer such as Acrobat Reader to view these files.