. . . then THIS post is for YOU.  Here are a few thoughts about getting started and staying encouraged.

1. Don’t be surprised if your technique is not great at first.  Get a friend or coach to watch you and give you feedback.  Or get someone to video your exercise from the side, front and back – then compare your form with videos of people using good form on that exercise.  Be constantly on the lookout to improve your technique and efficiency.

2. Expect to find some under-utilized muscles – the ones you didn’t know you had!  They will adapt, but you need to respect them and not overwork them at first.

3. If you’re doing a weight-bearing or resistance exercise, learn the form with no weight or minimal weight first.  You want to learn GOOD FORM, then develop muscle memory, flexibility and a wide range of motion before you load up the weight.

4. Be teachable and learn everything you can about proper form and injury prevention.  Talk to coaches and athletes skilled in your exercise area.  Do internet research (use credible sites and check several to make sure you’re not getting misguided advice).

5. Don’t be intimidated by the experienced “regulars” you will run into at the gym.  Remember that they started out somewhere and were inexperienced noobies who made mistakes and did things wrong. But, through perseverance, they established good form and developed strength and stamina.  When you see them, you should be inspired.  They didn’t get there for free:  they had to work at it.  You can do it too.

6. Rather than spend a lot of time evaluating your “performance” or how unskilled you might be, consider the bigger picture.  Let your primary focus be learning to implement exercise as a regular part of your daily routine.  See the fact that you have started as a huge step toward a fitter future. Have a sense of humour.  Relax a bit and enjoy your activity.  You will refine technique and develop strength as you go, but if you try to watch for the progress it can be hard to see.  One day, you will just notice that you can do more, or you can do something that you could not do before.

 By the way, there are just two weeks to go!