Don’t worry! This is not a physics article. It’s just a report of a strange coincidence. “Distant Simultaneity” relates (nice pun, eh) to the idea of “…whether two spatially separated events occur at the same time.”

My brother, Dave, and I are both doing Kettlebells for this challenge. Although we live in the same province, we live over 2000 kilometers apart. We have been keeping in touch approximately with our Kettlebell progress, but there has not been any planning or specific coordinating of schedules.
When I talked to him today, we shared our numbers and I realized that we were both planning to hit 9500 Kettlebells as of today (Friday). I’m thinking it is probably some kind of brotherly coincidence, but it reminded me of that old physics term my dad used to throw around once in awhile: distant simultaneity.
I believe it originally came from Einstein and had to do with synchronizing clocks over large distances, but I think it equally applies to synchronizing brothers over large distances.
With only five more days in the challenge, I want to encourage everyone to keep at it and see what you can accomplish.