I had a fun weekend which ended yesterday (but today as I’m writing it). I can’t tell you who won the Superbowl, because it’s just starting in a few minutes as I write. But I can tell you that we had a great weekend, and that all started last week when we decided to host an hors d’oeuvres party for Superbowl. In all honesty, we didn’t know who was playing, but the fun part was actually having a plan to have some fun. Like, before it happened.

In this quarantine season, we made a plan. Something fun to look forward to, to actually get ready for. Even though we couldn’t have company over or go to friends (our usual Superbowl tradition), we would at least get to enjoy 3 different hors d’oeuvres, because we each “brought” something. To our own house!

And we tried making our own hoagie rolls this year.

How does this relate to the wellness challenge? We intentionally created some wellness by planning something that would be fun and that we could actually anticipate, which I have been doing all week. In fact, during the last kettlebell set, I was thinking ahead to the nachos, guac and jalapeno poppers.

So, we had fun planning. We had fun coming up with recipes. We had fun getting ingredients together. We had fun watching dough rise (well, I kind of did). I could go on, but I’m about to have more fun FINALLY EATING THIS STUFF.

Mix it up!  Have some fun!

[Monday Update:  the hoagie rolls were a hit]

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