[I wrote this yesterday for today’s blog]

I’m sitting here out on the lake ice fishing. I thought I’d try an experiment for the blog today. I brought my Bluetooth keyboard to seeing if I could do the blog from the ice shack. We’re sitting here out on the lake next to two small islands, on top of three feet of ice and twenty-some feet of water. Proof of concept!!
It’s a beautiful sunny day. You can feel the sun’s warmth (well, not like you can in, say, Hawaii). There is no wind and the temperature is -20C. I could be at home doing Kettlebell swings, but, for the sake of my own wellness, I went fishing first. Never put off ice fishing when opportunity knocks, I say.
In one way, today’s blog is just something completely different: writing the blog while ice fishing. But in another way, it may not be so different after all. I think I could make the case that today’s little ice fishing adventure seriously improves my mental health – ergo, my overall wellness [this challenge is all about wellness, just to restate the obvious]. I should mention that we are sitting here in a homemade ice shack with the wood stove on and we actually just cracked the door a bit because it was getting too warm. Oh, the travails of ice fishing…
As I said, it’s a great day for investing some time in wellness. I realize that is not always possible, for a variety of reasons, so, when you have the chance, seize the carp. I mean carpe diem – seize the day.
The second half of our wellness challenge is well under way now, and I hope you feel like you are on top of things. Have a great day tomorrow. Where I live, it is the Family Day long weekend, so enjoy yourselves! Keep up the good work. Gotta go – there’s fish showing on the sonar…

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