I had planned to do up the post ahead of time like I usually do, and then schedule it to publish in the middle of the night. And then it warmed up and it got snowy. The super-cold deep freeze over most of Canada lifted a bit. When I saw that weekend temperature blast way up from -35C into the mid -20s, I knew it was time to go FISHING!

So that’s exactly what I did. Saturday morning at 7:00am (-26C, FYI) I fired up the snowmachine, loaded up the gear and headed to the ice shack for the day with my oldest son. We had an awesome time, and found three cooperative pickerel who were willing to share their day with us (we’ll enjoy them later).

Along with that warm weather, came the snow – a truckload of it. When I got back from fishing, I “got to” clear the driveway; twice – once last night and again this morning. That delayed blog-writing a bit, but didn’t prevent it.

I’m trying to do more things that invest in wellness, and take on opportunities a bit more spontaneously. The upshot of that was that the DAY THREE blog will be a wee bit “fresher” today than usual, because I didn’t write it ahead of time.

Someone looking for a silver lining would point out – “Hey! You’re already warmed up for kettlebells!”

True. Not sure I’m thrilled about it, but it’s true. I’m warmed up. I have a kettlebell window, and I think we’re going fishing again this afternoon.  Better get at it if I’m going to get those KBs done.

Blog OUT.