[Special treat today – a guest blog]
I used to work out with a WOD (workout of the day) crew, but since my life altering concussion, I’ve had to do solo workouts. It’s been a lot harder to motivate myself to exercise without friends pushing alongside me. It was always great to see friendly faces and hear words of encouragement as you push through your final set/rep. It was also fun to raz those who were sticking their butts up in the air while planking 😏.
As much as I miss the WOD crew we do keep in touch. A few months back, some of us did a 30 day plank challenge “remotely” since we all live in different cities now. None of us had ever planked for 5 minutes and some of us were questioning if it were possible, but we were up for the challenge.  I’m happy to report, we successfully completed the challenge! It was great to hear positive encouragement along the way and to be able to celebrate our successes 😎. 
I now have a different support system. I’m now on my fourth monthly challenge with a friend six hours away from me. It’s proven to be more successful than me trying them on my own. We agree to a challenge and text daily to hold ourselves accountable. The support is especially welcomed on harder days where we are sore, busy, or having difficulty completing the daily challenge. It’s also been a great way to keep in touch πŸ˜Ž.
Other people in my support system include my daughter (who is currently doing a handstand challenge this month) and work colleagues who are trying to lose weight. It’s been great having someone join me for walks out in the cold, to share tips with, and to motivate me to continue my journey to a healthier me. 
The annual Feb challenge is also a positive support system. I look forward to participating each year and reading the daily blogs. I especially enjoy hearing about Marilyn’s progress as well as others.
Continue to build a “healthier you” positive support system. It makes life much more enjoyable and fun. There can never be enough positivity in your life. We’re into the final 10 days of the challenge…..keep up the great work everyone! The finish line is almost there!
– Rebecca