Got a little mixed up with the days on yesterday’s blog. Too close to sleep time, no doubt.

I’ve talked with a few people who have nearly completed their February challenge. It has been a steady grind, not overwhelming, but definitely a challenge. And, as the finish line approaches, they feel a sense of satisfaction about their accomplishment.

Be kind to yourself. Appreciate your effort and look back over the month of February with some pride. It’s perfectly okay to pat yourself on the back. If you have been at this challenge for a whole month now, you will have changed. If you have maintained the effort for this long, you have the capacity to maintain it beyond. You may decide to scale back a bit, or to try a different activity, but know that you will be able to sustain a regular activity effort over time.

In my personal experience, once the end of February has come and gone, I tend to not spend much time on kettlebells. I usually take a week or so off, and then land back on some other activity, since I like to focus on summer events. I intend this year to get a bit of coaching and do some work with heavier bells, but I need to know I’m doing it safely; my focus will have changed from doing a whole bunch to doing a few but with more of a strength-building focus. But I don’t have the appetite right now for much in the kettlebell department, so it may have to wait for awhile.

Keep up your good work. We’re nearly done!