Wednesday’s blog was a bit of a workout for me – I had to get back into the books, so to speak, and do some research. But that information is helpful. Looking back, probably the most helpful piece was my last line:

Listen to your body. Adjust your training as necessary.
Like more than a few Canadians, I watched the women’s Olympic gold medal game on Wednesday night. It started late and then, of course, went into overtime. And a shoot-out…
I knew I’d be a bit tired today (nailed it!), but I must have been fairly up-to-date on my sleep because I didn’t feel too bad during the day. When I got home from work, though, I could feel I was beginning to fade. But… today was kettlebell day, and had a good number I wanted to crunch through. I diligently got started and made it about three quarters of the way through my intended number of reps. And then I realized that maybe three quarters was good enough for today. My body was saying it was tired. Not just the usual, “Woah – I can feel those kettlebells in my hamstrings” kind of tired. I mean TIRED. Brain was disconnecting and reconnecting (kind of like Internet in the North), and I thought, “You know, yesterday I recommended that people listen to their body. I should heed my own advice.”
So I kicked off the shoes and got changed. It’s been a powered-down evening, and I’m headed to bed in about two minutes. I’m sure I’ll be sleeping in three minutes.