The June 6 (2016) blog post was about “Vision”. I suggested that we need to establish a realistic appraisal of our basic physical condition, as well as how Ready, Willing, and Able we are to step up our activity level.

Using that as a starting point, I challenged you to cast a vision of your new, fitter self at several points in the future (one month, three months, six months, a year, two years, five years). These are arbitrary, but give us a range of close-up and more distant focus.

Several of my friends and I are piloting a Vision-Casting exercise that pairs the June 6 blog post with a worksheet to help define vision and set concrete goals. I have discovered that these two processes (vision-casting and goal-setting) are interrelated, in the sense that thinking about one tends to give precision to the other. So far, a clearer fitness vision and more specific goals have been “evolving”.

I plan to have the feedback-tweaked worksheet available here in a week or so. My challenge would be for you to re-read the Vision blog and put some serious thought into actually casting a vision and creating specific fitness goals. Don’t forget about the February Fitness Challenge!

By the way, I survived the triathlon!