On Mother’s Day, 2016, I’d like to give a shout-out to Moms. And my own Mom, in particular. First of all, she was good sport enough to take part in a fitness challenge. I could be wrong, but I think this was the first time she has embarked on something like this. And she’s seen seven decades and some. After the February challenge came and went, I remember her commenting on the walking and I realized. . . she was still doing it! And she is still going! A few towns have come up in the windshield and are fading in the rear-view mirror on her virtual walk east.

She has even added a new trick to the routine: a mini exercise bike. It’s really just a small set of pedals, but she can pedal while she watches TV and talks on the phone. Talk about multi-tasking! While she continues to have a few health issues, including cataracts and poor balance, she was commenting to me the other day that she feels physically fit for the first time in ages. We can hear it in her voice, too, which is stronger. And now that the weather is nice, she is able to walk around outside (“real” walking, not just the virtual hallway walking”).

I know that my Mom’s example has already been inspiring to others. I hope that whatever kind of fitness activity you set before yourself in February got you in the spirit of exercise and that you have continued being active.