So, today I had a workout scheduled.  But I didn’t feel like doing it.  In fact, I didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING.  The reasons paraded past my mind:  “You’re just getting over a cold.”  “You’re tired.”  “You haven’t had lunch yet”.  “If you eat lunch now, you won’t be able to work out until later.”  “You don’t really HAVE to work out today.”  So I puttered around the workout room moving things from one place to another and having the strange conversation above with myself.

I probably would have caved and gone back upstairs except that a familiar thought struck me: Discipline is not pleasant.   Sometimes, it even hurts.  The results show up later.  And you usually don’t get a parade or a medal.  I did the workout.  There was no parade.

So much for marketing, eh?  The reality is that almost always, in my experience, when you do the workout anyway, you feel better afterward.  The key is to learn to recognize and ignore the “I don’t feel like it” voice which really just cheats you out of accomplishing things that take work.
As you plan and start doing your own fitness challenges, expect to hear from “I don’t feel like it” on a regular basis.  Ignore it and do what you set out to do anyway.