The Challenge! Two words that seem to evoke a feeling of empowerment that perhaps ignites the competitiveness in me. It has been several days since the beginning of the month and I continue in my quest to “conquer” the challenge I set for myself which is to complete 2,100 squats. This exercise gives me plenty of thinking time and I realized that this challenge as an adult is no different than all the other challenges that I have been doing since I learned to walk. We all have something built within us that makes us want to do something just a little better. This doesn’t even have to be anything athletic as it spills over into our daily living activities. I remember being told by my grandmother “Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Not for anyone else’s benefit but for the pride in giving your all.” I believe the key word here is YOUR. I used to compare myself to other super athletes so I wouldn’t even try some things. I wanted to run but knew I couldn’t run a marathon so I didn’t even try. I was challenged to just do 10% more. That sounded easy. So each time I ran I tried to do just a little more and was amazed at how the 10 percents added up. Several years later I ran a half marathon then the full. What a feeling of accomplishment. My point is if you can walk only 10 steps, try 11; only 1 push up, try 2 etc. The only one to compare yourself with is you. Just get moving. 

Contributed by Debbie Fretz, Water Fitness Instructor