We’re already at Day 4 of the wellness challenge, so we’re well into it. I’ve decided to rename February “Sore Hamstrings” month, as I have been more posteriorly aware from doing kettlebell swings. Not that I’m complaining, but I find that work tends to have an effect on you. That is an understatement, because, really, we want this kind of work (investing in our wellness) to actually improve our wellness. Which is an effect and, as I always say, “There’s no free lunch.”

I am always impressed whenever anyone takes a step out of the comfort zone into some kind of discomfort zone – exactly what happens when you try something new. Or when you try more of something old. So I don’t shy away from saying that I encourage everyone to take on a wellness challenge that is a stretch for them – something over and above their normal activity. If you’re doing a physical challenge, you will probably experience some physical discomfort as your body adjusts (understatement alert) to the new activity.

Since I’m swinging kettlebells, my biggest two challenges are (in order): keeping count during a set, and finding movies to watch. I think I’m on Hoosiers for the 3rd time! Oh – and I just finished All The President’s Men, which has eerily contemporary overtones…

We are just past the mid-point of week 1, so keep your eyes focused on your goals, and keep on pushing yourself toward those goals. Discomfort is often part of growth, so take it in stride and think of the stories you’ll tell your friends.

Gotta go – off to the pool!