Yesterday, I had a great evening. I’ve been tracking along pretty well with my kettlebells, and I realized the other day that I could make it to 10,000 early. And yesterday was the day. I video-called mom when I got close to the final number so she could follow along for the last 20. It was pretty cool – she was able to tune in and cross the finish line with me, almost like she was right there.

And, of course, what could make it better than a chat with my brother where I just happened to drop that I had finished my 10,000 kettlebells! I’ve never really seen myself as a competitive person, but I realize now that I have been deluding myself – I AM competitive. And really, if you can turn a fun wellness challenge into a little bit of a competition with your brother… how could anyone fault you for that?

I hope you have been able to accomplish whatever wellness goals you set out for the month of February. I have added a new goal for myself: Regular Newsletters from Hill Country Canada, and adding in a few more wellness-related big events.

Stay tuned for news about some partnerships over the coming year!

By Richard