Update from Marilyn:

In 2018 it was my intention to do a virtual walk from Croydon, in the south of England, straight up north to Harrogate, where my sister currently lives. I thought it would be fun to “visit” her for Christmas.  My granddaughter plotted out the route for me, breaking it up into 5-km blocks, which I was to colour in as I completed them.

The first lap was easy, Croydon to London, only 20 km. Then I embarked on the stretch from London to Leicester  (Pron. Lester), which was 175 km, with no towns on the map until the 135th km. That seemed rather dull, so I moved off the main motorway, and went through several towns, Luton and Milton Barnes on the way, reaching Leicester at the end of the summer. It was obvious by now that I would never get to Harrogate by Christmas, but decided to see just how far I could go. The weather was against me; the snow came early, and there was a lot of ice, which  made it impossible to use my walker, so I was not able to do any walking outside of my formal Fitness class which happened twice a week. As a result, I only made it as far as Nottingham, a total of 242 km.

After Christmas I started the new year 2019 by attempting to finish my journey, but  because of very poor walking weather, my progress has been slow.  Right now I’m heading for Sheffield, and at that point I’ll move over to the A 1  motorway and make a Bee-line for Harrogate.   I aim to “arrive” in the summer, a total of 388 km.

I think for my Feb Challenge I will pledge to spend half an hour each day doing exercises that I have learned at my fitness class. I know my legs are getting weaker, so I’ll carry on walking as well. Good luck to all of us!

Love,  Mom

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