Well, we’ve made it three weeks through February. My wrist has managed to hang in there (literally), so I’ve been able to keep at it with the kettlebell swings. To keep track of all the swings, I still need a workout timer, a stopwatch, a water bottle, paper and pencil, and I use my fitbit out of curiosity to see the old bod is actually doing… Oh, and a generous supply of movies. Those $5 bin DVDs have come in handy, although it seems I am getting into a routine – if you can believe that, after five years – of watching the same movies. It’s like tradition now. Like visiting my old kettlebell friends… Master and Commander, The Fugitive, Valkyrie. And I even threw in a “new” one this year: The President’s Men. I have three more workouts planned, and I might throw in an extra one, but I will probably get to see Bullit again before it’s all said and done.

Don’t let ordinary life crowd in on you and stop you from investing in your wellness. If you started a challenge, keep going with it, as best you can. We only have a week left!