My experience doing this challenge over several years is that what seemed crazy and impossible the first time is now sort of old hat. I’ve figured out how to trick myself into getting started, and it’s much like going to the pool. I just jump in. And, like hotdogs, I don’t overthink it. Start the timers, get set, and, when the timer beeps, I start swinging.

I imagine everyone is different, so you need to find what works for you. What works well for me is a four-minute block for a set of 100 swings plus some recovery time. I do get toasty warm after a few sets, but over the years, I have figured out a routine that allows me to get in a pretty good workout with some recovery time built in. Something I learned with swimming applies here – when you get really tired, your technique deteriorates. A risk with kettlebell swings is that you put too much strain on your lower back. If I start getting TOO tired, my technique suffers. Always take care of your back.

Now that we’re in the final stretch of year five I feel pretty confident about the workout side of things. I hope that we are successful in challenging people to think about Parkinson’s Disease as well, and I would really be pleased to hear that our efforts lead to a decent contribution to Parkinson’s research.

As you get going with a wellness routine, it will start to become… well, routine. Like a habit. You just do it without thinking. In life it is really important to develop good habits, so we can conduct ourselves well without really thinking about it.

Keep at it – only a few days left!