If you live in central Canada, you will know that we have endured a rather sudden and extended cold snap. I mean, Snap! It’s Cold!

Outdoor activities have been limited, at least a little bit, so our after-work routine is now almost wordless. Except today when I basically forgot until my wife reminded me – “Aren’t you doing kettlebells today?”

How could I forget that?


But when she reminded me, my first thought was, “Oh man, the rest of the movie! How could I forget that? I’m mid-way through my fourth movie of the February challenge.

For me, the biggest challenge with doing a bunch of kettlebells is boredom and distraction. After a few years at it (well, a few Februaries, anyway), I can almost say that I actually look forward to my movie-watching, rather than trying to muster up the motivation to do kettlebells.

So, if you have chosen a wellness activity that is, shall we say, physically demanding, it is nice to sweeten it up with something that you enjoy. And build it in to your wellness activity so you also get something fun out of it.

Be sure to reward yourself with something enjoyable at a healthy enough dose to make the challenge worth it.

Should finish the move next workout, then… on to Movie 5.