We’re not quite half-way through February, so we’ve had time to establish our track record for the wellness challenge. Tackling a big challenge, especially a physically demanding one that requires endurance, we often start off with smaller efforts that grow over the course of the challenge. That reflects our adaptation to physical stress; literally, it is a performance effect caused by stress.

I think most of us have heard that Canadians are likely to be polite and reserved and, though not always the case, I consider that to be generally true. One might go so far as to say Canadians are often humble; my jury is still out on that one, but I would say that we don’t typically celebrate ourselves or our achievements. At least, not on a large scale.

So, you don’t often see people throwing their own parades.

Today, I want to go a bit counter-culture and ask what it would actually take to throw ourself (if that is a word) a parade?

If you’re like me, that thought was initially a bit jarring – imagine throwing yourself your own parade. But maybe, for a moment, it wouldn’t hurt to think about it.

Is it okay to be proud of ourselves? Like, a bit over-the-top proud? Once in awhile? I think the obvious answer to that is, “Yes”, but do we every really let ourselves go there?

Assuming that our default setting is underpride, my suggestion is that, this month, we throw caution to the wind and celebrate our wellness successes… even if we are the only one at our socially-distant parade.

Let’s assume you’ve been working away on some kind of wellness activity this month. Even doing something is an accomplishment, especially if doing nothing is more typical for you.

Recognize your accomplishments.

Affirm yourself (maybe to a close friend or family member). YOU have taken steps toward greater wellness.

Even if this is new for you, try it out, and allow yourself to feel some well-deserved pride.

We have two weeks to go in the challenge, but keep up your good work.

And on March 1st, plan yourself a parade!

One thought on “Day 13 – What Does it Take to be Proud of Yourself?”
  1. Good stuff Rich. I an interested in the number of circuits that a person can walk in their room when quarantined for 14 days!

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