Congratulations to everyone who started the challenge yesterday.  That excitement will probably last for a few days, but don’t be surprised if it fades and you lose enthusiasm.  But you’re not in it for the shiny track suit (I hope)!  You want to improve your fitness, and that requires planning, work and discipline.  This month, though, you are not alone.  There is a growing group of people working along with you.  Keep focused on accomplishing your goal, one month away.

Miles have been walked.  Planks have been held, a variety of exercise circuits have been performed, and I personally know of over 1440 Kettlebells that have been swung!  If you think about it, every day’s workout is a small goal accomplished along the way to a bigger goal.

Here are a few tips to keep you tracking toward your February fitness goal:

1. Challenge yourself by pushing your limits (be reasonable)
2. Stay well-hydrated.
3. Eat nutritious food in sensible amounts.  Remember – if you’re working harder than usual, you’ll need more food than usual.  But be sensible.
4. Get a good night sleep as often as you can.
5. Stay in touch with others doing the challenge to keep your encouragement tank full.

2 thought on “DAY 2: Only 28 Days to go.”
  1. Bang – the door crashed open…

    as I awoke and tried to figure out what happened despite the dark and the tiredness that surrounded my head, i heard casey,

    "3, 4, 5, come on dad" as she was doing jumping lunges over to the side of my bed…
    That was how I woke up yesterday (and she finished the day with 425)….

    So I told the kids I would sponsor them 1 cent per exercise and grandma told them a nickle… lets just say they are motivated to have a good finish!!!

  2. That's a great story, Dave. I can hardly wait until Grandma does the math. . . By the way, she's only 1.5km from her goal. She should be there tomorrow. Then it's on to the next town.

    All three of us here were at the pool tonight. One did aquafit, and two did cross-swim. Makes for a late supper, but the metabolism is revved WAYYYYY up!

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