I have recently learned the power of one. One push up. One step up. One lap in the pool. One pull up. One step. The list is endless. There used to be a commercial about potato chips that claimed you couldn’t eat just one. Well, the same goes for one…?…. you fill in the blank. I teach water fitness in the pool and have seen many people who lack confidence in their abilities and”just try one” whatever it is. Well, one leads to two and pretty soon it becomes way more than one. With that reality of accomplishment I’ve seen glowing faces, taller stances and a renewed sense of “I CAN do it”. The ripple effects are also evident as people start to encourage one another.

We only have one body and, unfortunately, the Body Shops around here don’t stock any body parts we would like to replace. The only thing for us to do then is to take care of the body we do have. Fuel it properly and keep it moving. You will be surprised at how much mileage you will get out of your body if you treat it right.

Contributed by Debbie Fretz, Water Fitness Instructor