Since one aspect of the Kettlebell Challenge is about promoting awareness of Parkinson’s Disease, it is only appropriate for me to actually provide some information about Parkinson’s Disease.  And one of the lessons I learned as a noobie teacher was this:  “Don’t recreate resources!!”  Seriously – it actually has two exclamation marks.

So, rather than recreate an informational resource for you, I’m going to steer you directly to Parkinson Canada, and highlight a few articles on their website:

1. Parkinson Canada – Home page of Parkinson Canada

2. Parkinson Canada – “What Is Parkinson’s?“.  This article gives a brief description of Parkinson’s Disease and some of the symptoms

3. Parkinson Canada – “Living With Parkinson’s“.  This article outlines how Parkinson Canada supports those living with Parkinson’s through local support groups (it is one of these groups that Mom helped get started in Moosomin, Saskatchewan).

Once you get to their site, poke around and see what these folks are up to.  I am just starting to learn about some of the current research being done, and I’d like to do a blog post about research into the effects of exercise on Parkinson’s Disease.  [Spoiler Alert:  exercise has been shown to have a number of positive benefits – more on that later, also].

Thanks to Parkinson Canada for their permission to link back to their website.