It is hard to believe, but we have already completed three weeks of the fitness challenge. Three weeks is long enough to get a behaviour change started, but as you keep going, the more time you keep at your new activities, the better they will be established.

So, if you want to establish a behaviour change (such as becoming more active), keep up the good work! It takes time for a fitness routine to make the shift from an “add-on” activity to one which is “normal” – a regular part of your daily routine.

Week one of a fitness challenge usually starts with high hopes and lots of enthusiasm which tends to drain off as the hard work starts and daily life tries to crowd the new activity out.

Week two of a challenge is perhaps the hardest, from a purely motivational point of view. The fun has often faded and the apparent inconveniences can easily seem to outweigh the benefits (which haven’t happened yet, because they take more time).

During week three of a challenge, you probably began to experience some “adaptation”, meaning you probably noticed improvements in strength and/or stamina by this time, even if you haven’t fully adjusted to the routine yet.

Good luck with the final week of the challenge!