Good work, everyone! It’s been a long four weeks, but in other ways it seems to have gone quickly. And, on the bright side, February is pretty much in the rear-view mirror! Living in Central Canada, putting February behind you means a lot – we’re well on the way toward Spring.

If you think of the four week challenge in the same way as a race, the idea is to not come out so fast at the beginning that you run out of gas before you’re done. Instead, you work at a good, steady pace and then finish strong. Even if you’re not in a race, there’s something compelling and very rewarding about finishing strong. The finish is your last memory of the event, and if that last memory is of a full-out, strong performance, you tend to look back on the event with well-earned satisfaction and pride.

I know that many of us don’t see February 28th as the end of fitness activities, but, in my case (thankfully), it will probably be the end of Kettlebells for a good long time! Haha. I encourage you to keep challenging yourself with some new activity challenges, or new and bigger goals. Be sure to take a few days off to recover, and then reset your target and head off toward it. You will be able to tnjoy the lingering memory of a February well-spent if you finish strong!