Congratulations (times 10,000)!  You made it to the last day of the challenge.  This is the last of the daily posts (for a while), although the current plan is to do them on a weekly basis.  So here are the final thoughts from 2016’s 10,000 Kettlebells for Parkinson’s Challenge:

1. [Caution:  Shameless opinion coming] This has been AWESOME!!!  Congratulations to everyone who participated for setting fitness goals for yourself and working toward those goals.  I have heard from many people who met (and surpassed) their goals.  And thank you to those who have sponsored the participants.

2. Please learn what you can about Parkinson’s Disease and how new research is improving quality of life for those who have it.

3. Don’t forget – if you were planning to make a donation to support Parkinson’s research, visit the “How to Donate” page on the blog for details on where to send it.

4. Find a fitness buddy who you can work with to keep yourselves active and engaged in a lifelong pursuit of physical fitness.

5. Make a plan for March, then April, then the rest of the year.  Push yourself, but also take solid recovery periods to restore your body (and mind).  Eat sensibly and drink reasonable amounts of water.

6. Check back with us on the blog every so often.  If you want to be kept up-to-date, enter your email address at the top-right panel of the webpage.

7. Stay tuned – maybe we will see you next year!!

3 thought on “DAY 29: T-Minus 1 Day and Counting. . .”
  1. I'll be the first to say that I will miss these daily blogs posts. They're entertaining to read because I never know what the posts will be everyday. It's usually one of the first things I read. Since we are saying farewell to this challenge (at least until next year maybe), I've decided to participate in a burpee challenge with my dad this March to STAY active, give myself a break from doing the plank everyday and just to change things up a bit. Now that I think about it, this month has gone by very fast! I hope you all continue to live a healthy, active lifestyle! I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge to help raise awareness of Parkinson's Disease and to promote physical fitness πŸ™‚ This meas a lot to our family!! THANK YOU! πŸ˜€

  2. Fantastic conclusion – thanks to my workout buddies for cheering me on through my last 20! I made it 10000 kb swings!
    1. Massive improvement in strength as measured by weight that could be lifted and number of repetitions. For example: on day 1 I did my 55 rep sets with a 35. Today I did one with a 75. My handstand saw 2 progressive PBs over the month. My vertical leap seems to be much improved (I didn't measure before, but it sure feels good).
    2. I do NOT feel any injury or significant bodily stress. In fact I feel charged and ready to launch into a spring of track running and body weight exercises (with some olympic lifts).
    3. I will fore myself to take a bit of rest time and will purposefully put kettlebells on ice for a while to avoid over-training.

    I am also very keen to add up the totals that I have been sponsored – thanks to all those who count themselves on that list!

    Well done to everyone!

  3. Woooh! Did the last workout. I took a few slower days after hitting 10,000 for some recovery, then did a short but higher-intensity half-round today. Finished at 11540. That little rest at the end gave me more pep for sure. This has been awesome. Oh, Dave – just for fun, I tried a Tabata burpee round today. Thought I'd try to tuck in a couple of reps after my workout and managed four 20-second bursts of about 4. I guess it's a baseline. Now I have something to improve on.

    Everyone – GREAT WORK!!!!!

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