I am excited that February 1st has arrived and we are day one into the challenge. Actually the challenge started for me at the beginning of January when my wife showed me the 7 Minute Workout Challenge App that she was going to use. I tried it out and was instantly sold on it and I didn’t even have to pay for it. It has kept me motivated for the last month in helping me prepare for the February 10,000 Challenge. The cool thing about the app is that it walks you through the workout and you are done in 7 minutes… Anyone can commit to that and begin a new workout habit.

For this months 10,000 challenge, I am cracking out my Excel tracker spreadsheet with some slight modifications from last year. What I am planning is to do a classic 7 minute workout and a Basic 7 minute workout …. That’s right 14 minutes total which gives me about 350 reps of several basic strength training exercises. Today I added in a basic bicep workout that my son Kai told me about….7,7,7,7 bicep curls. The arms were burning and felt fantastic after I finished.
I mentioned several variations of things above for the simple reason that I have been motivated this past few months by friends and family. Richard and I started talking about Exercise goals in the Fall, but I lacked consistency. Richard, my wife and my son have been great encouragers to get me motivated and for that I’m thankful. Best thing is to keep it simple, get started and enjoy it. Best way to look at it when your mind wants to say, “I have to work out”, is to re-state it as “I get to work out”
I look forward to hearing from others and how they got to their starting point!
Guest Blogger:  Ron Parrish