Last year, the “first annual” February fitness swung, walked, planked, crunched and circuited its way into history. Sometimes, ideas pop up and fade. Other times, they evolve into new ideas, which spread from person to person, and something comes of it.

I think something has come of the hybrid idea of a fitness challenge which supports Parkinson’s research. My suspicion is that both of ideas resonate with people. Most of us, at some level, want to be more fit. And most of us, at some level, like to do things which benefit others.

As individuals doing our fitness challenge, and as a larger group of people supporting both wellness and Parkinson’s Disease awareness, we are gaining traction. It takes energy to start moving toward something. It takes effort to change lifestyle habits, especially when there is physical work involved and even – perish the thought! – sore muscles.

When we pay the price (the inconvenience, the sore muscles, etc.) to make these changes I think we become more “efficient” in our wellness lifestyle, and our efforts, in fact, become more effective. We gain traction, as it were in managing our life and our wellness.

We are only four days into this challenge, but by now you have probably experienced at least a small degree of inconvenience, disruption, and possibly even some sore muscles. . . These are sometimes the price of admission to change. The challenge we all face is whether we feel like paying that price. My encouragement is to keep at it, stay in touch with your friends and personal cheer-leaders. If you don’t have any, find some!

Keep up the good work. Let’s talk it up and let others know what we’re up to with this fitness challenge. If you haven’t already let us know what you’re up to, visit our REGISTRATION page or CLICK HERE to email your registration.