Okay, so is anyone else feeling the burn today?  I felt a bit of stiffness and sore legs yesterday, and today my body was feeling tired.  Once I got started on the workout, though, the tiredness faded at least a bit.  I had to concentrate a harder and even then I managed to lose count a few times.  My rule is that if I lose count, I have to go back to the last number I KNOW I completed and start from there. Today, I paid a bit for the tiredness, but in the scheme of things, I suppose a few extra Kettlebell lifts won’t hurt.

For some reason, my brain can usually keep track of exercise moves up to about 20, so after that, I really lose focus on the counting.  My solution is to count groups of 20 reps. 1, 2, 3. . . 20;  2, 2, 3. . . 20;  3, 2, 3. . . 20, etc.  This helps, but there are times when the TV is on that I forget if I’m doing the 2nd set of 20 or the 3rd, so I get to redo!  If you find yourself getting lost, try this trick or modify it.

To help your body recover:

  • get lots of rest
  • stay well-hydrated (drink lots of water)
  • eat reasonable amounts of nutritious food
  • be sure to give yourself a treat now and again
If you’re on a rest day today, rest well.  If you’re on a workout day, make it count!
3 thought on “DAY 4: Tired?”
  1. today was a "sprint" day. 500 kettlebell swings for time. I managed 16 min 29 seconds and don't think I can duplicate that, at least for a while!
    Tomorrow I will try some one handed stuff and then take a rest day Saturday and Sunday. as of today I am at 2375 swings.

    Well done to everyone – this is definitely the part where the excitement fades and it turns into a grind, which will last right up until near the end. Drive through it! There will be soreness, but recognize the difference between soreness and an atypical pain or hurt – watch the form and don't get complacent!

  2. Dave – did you read my mind or what? DAY 5's blog was written and parked for upload yesterday just after supper. Shortly after I wrote it, I got your email, which sounded eerily like my blog post. Are we related or what?

  3. BTW, today will be kettlebell workout 3 for me. I'm shooting for 840 again, then maybe ramping up a bit next week. Kristi inspired me to go to the pool this morning for a swim workout – she was doing a high-intensity cardio workout. The visual of Casey bursing in the door doing lunges was priceless. I sense a lot of inspiration going around!

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