[Note:  Internet went out last night, so I had to post today – the joys of living in the north]

We’ve had a great, great weekend with family, and special events going on as well. So it was a busy week. Things have calmed down, company has returned home, and life is back to its typical, quiet self. And I had a date with some kettlebells.

They were patient enough to wait for me to come back to them.
There are some elements of a fitness challenge which are not exactly “pleasant”, but you get the chance to see what you are made of, so to speak. There is usually some organizing and planning to begin with, and you have to be able to flex the plans from time to time. But the reality is that, at some point, you have to reach down, grab the bell, and start swinging.
In a way, the 10,000 kettlebells are like a long car trip. The kilometers (or miles, if you prefer) tick by, one after another, and they gradually, steadily add up. Pretty soon, you find yourself past the half-way point and you know that every kettlebell swing is getting you one closer to the finish line. And at a point, you realize that you can see the finish line. I’m not sure I can see it yet, at least, not clearly. But I know where it is and it’s soon going to come into sight.
Keep on doing your activity – it is making you tougher!