The last two days have been really busy for me, so I nearly dropped the ball and missed posting the blog. Here’s why…

I had a busy day at work, and an early evening meeting scheduled. I was a bit stressed about how to fit in my intended workout, as I was hoping to finish the last of my Kettlebell swings in that workout. I had to split the workouts around the meeting, doing one right after work, and the other after my meeting. I ran into some glitches, though. First, I forgot my phone at work, so had to dig out my old 2013 phone. Of course, it was dead (why I got the new one). So I tried the charger and it took a bunch of time to even start up. I eventually gave up on it and got my stopwatch out.

Did a few sets with the stopwatch, then the phone woke back up. So I switched to it, programmed a new workout, and off we went. Until the phone went dark a few rounds in, and… where was I at? Was that three more sets or four… DARN! House rule: If you forget your count, you have to go back to the last place you knew your count. Arrggghhh. Back to the stopwatch. So I think I did seven sets in the first round, but I couldn’t be sure, so rather than eight sets for the second round, I had to set up for nine more. At that point, my meeting started, so I plugged the phone back in and left. At least the movie had worked.

When I got back a couple hours later, everything worked okay, but it seemed like a long round, because I’m pretty sure I did extras! Anyway, the movie was great, the swings got swung, and the countdown got closer. And then I was on the last set of 100. I was on auto-pilot by now. The final 20 came, then the last ten, and then… it was over!  10,000 Kettlebell swings in the book!

It would have been easy to pack it in for about five reasons yesterday. But I felt more persistent than usual for some reason. I think I was competing with myself to see if I could actually pull it off early.

I am pretty sure that the only reason I was able to do this was that I have grappled with the challenge FOUR times now. I have learned some things, as you will recall if you’ve been following along in the blog. At the end of the day, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to do the Kettlebell swings, and I am thankful for that. As I have often said, I am just an ordinary person, and if I can juggle work and life and a month-long wellness challenge, I’m sure you can. I still have three workout days scheduled, so I’m planning to keep going (but ramp down a bit!).

Tomorrow, for the blog, you will get to hear a dancer talking about wellness, and the challenge and inspiration of dance. I had scheduled it for today, just forgot to hit “publish”… better late than never.