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My dad knows I am a dancer, and challenged me to write about how dance improves wellness, and how being around excellent dancers inspires me.

Here’s a short background about how I got into dancing in the first place. I’ve always loved being active, keeping fit, was obsessed with everything tropical and for years dreamt of going to the South Pacific some day. I was involved in school pep rallies, Christmas and Spring school productions, and my own class performances. I also attended many Zumba classes at our Recreation Center and danced to my Wii Zumba games. Fast forward to Summer 2016 when I moved to do a DTS with Island Breeze – that’s when I learned the Hula and got a taste of South Pacific dances, which birthed my love of and passion for Polynesian dance.

So, how does dance improve one’s wellness? Personally, I think it brings me lots of joy and makes me feel incredibly happy because I love it! It’s also a great work out and makes me feel accomplished. The endorphins (feel-good hormones that you get after a good workout) I get from that paired with feeling accomplished motivates me to be more productive and get things done – and I’m more focused doing them. I also feel better about myself because I know I’m taking care of my body. Dance is also a great, healthy and fun way to express oneself. And for me it was a confidence booster, because I was so shy, but after getting so many chances to perform with the team in front of people, I’m not as afraid and now love performing!

My dad talks a lot in his posts about how being involved in a challenge with others can help you inspire others, be inspired yourself, encourage and keep each other accountable. I’m part of an amazing Island Breeze team that has the same principals when we dance and in practice: we encourage, are accountable to and inspire each other. My team inspires me because they all put so much energy, enthusiasm, hard work and effort into our practices despite whatever else might be going on. In our practices, they push themselves so they can get better and stronger which motivates me to do the same. So in essence, dance can improve one’s wellness by increasing happiness, productivity, fitness, self-image and confidence (as it’s done for me). All this creates a positive outlook on life. Happy dancing!!

– Kristi

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  1. When you talk about your love for dance I can't help but think about my mom/your grandma. In the last couple years of her life she experienced 'dancing' in the home she lived in. She always commented, 'why didn't we do this'? She enjoyed it so much and was so happy doing it. Your grandpa also loved to dance. Personally I would love to learn the jive. I would like to learn polynesian dancing, like you do, but alas I am not sure certain parts would move so gracefully. ��

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