Some days, you are sitting at the computer writing your blog post when your house phone suddenly rings. It’s barely 7:00am! You answer the phone, and excited young voices compete to tell you how many kettlebell swings they have done (two more than their dad, incidentally), or how many minutes of plank they did until they got busy (watching their iPad). You hear the details sprinkled in the conversation and then, in a flurry, it is over. Wow! What was that?

Well, basically, it was enthusiasm. Not even bottled up like adults are so good at doing. This was just crazy, wild enthusiasm. Spiced up with a bit of competiveness. Okay – quite a bit. But it was the enthusiasm that is still ringing in my ears. I’m going to bring it to work with me today. I bet it will even last a few days.

Enthusiastic people have an impact on others. If you have sails, enthusiastic people fill them. And full sails drive you forward.

So, THANKS, Mac and Casey, for the great surprise call today. Hearing about your hard work and feeling your enthusiasm makes me want to do better. Enthusiasm is infectious, meaning it easily spreads from an enthusiastic person to those around. Keep up the great work!!