Alright – we’re off again! It’s been just two years since we started the 10,000 Kettlebells for Parkinson’s challenge. If you’ve been with us since then, I trust you are now starting to benefit from the “lessons learned” aspect of repeating a challenging experience.

My own understanding of the idea of “wellness” has been turbo-charged, and it has widened my field of view considerably. Wellness goes well beyond just “physical fitness”, although that certainly is a component. So whatever you’ve chosen to do for your own personal fitness challenge this February, I salute you and encourage you to spread the word.

Let’s get started!

3 thought on “Let’s Get Started!”
  1. Am a bit behind and super busy, but I know that Iwill feel great if I make the time to squeeze in my workout, and lousy/guilty if I don't. I also find that I sleep much better on days that I get a good sweat in… good luck to all!

  2. 601 done.
    very satisfying because of the multitude of excuses that I had to not do them today.
    Tks Richard and good luck to all participants!

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