I wish I could draw, because I’d love to put pictures to these ideas.  Anyone who has gone through a fitness class or a regular sport can probably relate to some of these stages along the journey.  If any of you want to volunteer a cartoon or two (Chris!!), I’d be happy to put them on the blog.

1. Eager Excitement – you haven’t started yet
2. Gung-ho – you bought new exercise clothes at Sportchek and posted pictures of the track suit on Facebook
3. Workout Shock – sweating is caused by work, which is derived from effort
4. Day two – Stiff and sore
5. Day three – Owwwww.  Day two was nothing
6. Finished first week – pheww!
7. Second week – I want to quit
8. Finished second week – that’s a milestone
9. Third week – “Two more weeks?  Seriously?”
10.  Finished third week – Wow.  That wasn’t so bad.  I actually feel okay now
11. Two days to go – I can do this!  I actually feel pretty good
12. I did it!  A whole month.  I feel awesome.  I’d like to keep doing this