There’s a week to go before the fitness challenge starts in earnest.  My personal plan is to taper down my workouts this week for some extra recovery.  And there are plans afoot to kick-off the challenge with a joint Balmertown-Toronto pasta dinner on January 31st – via Skype!

Find yourself some creative ways to start the challenge and jump in with both feet.  Don’t forget to cheer on your friends who are participating, too.

Oh – one more thing. . .  we arranged for an extra day this February for you.

5 thought on “One Week Countdown!”
  1. todays workout was a circuit – 5 sets of box jumps, 100 skips, russian twists, wall ball throws, leaping lunges and diamond pushups – followed by some ball hockey. Good times! tomorrow a spin class

  2. spin class cancelled, played some soccer instead. Likely a rest day tomorrow – we shall see. Mac and Casey are in, we are making a poster this weekend with our goals and to measure our performance.

  3. Cross-swim again this afternoon. They like the Tabata, those coaches! We've noticed our recovery is getting better each time, so I guess it's working! Looking forward to the pasta dinner kickoff tomorrow.

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