Today was a typical week 2 day.  I planned to do a workout.  I scheduled to do the workout.  I got home and then – and then I didn’t feel so much like doing the workout.  I was tired.  And I had decided to ramp up my reps today.  And I was planning to go strictly with a heavier kettlebell.  So I dragged myself downstairs, dawdled to get ready, dawdled to find a TV station, and did a fair bit of sitting around between reps.  And I don’t know if this happens to you, but I also spent a lot of time getting my feet into just the right “spot” to do the KB swings.

I lost count a few times and had to redo a few 20-rep sets (I think).  But I managed to chug through everything.  At one point, my workout buddy showed up and did her thing.  And then, I was done. Finished the whole workout, heavier bell and all, and more reps.  What is up with that?  Week 2 is a head game.  Don’t expect congrats yet – just get to your gym and do what you planned to do.  This is about to get interesting!