Hang on to your toques – we’re zooming down the hill toward the second annual “10,000 Kettlebells for Parkinson’s” fitness challenge!

That’s right. The Royal University Hospital Foundation is on-board, we’ve got the Kettlebells dusted off, and we hope You are all set to join us for our second annual challenge.

If you’re new to this, here’s the quick summary (you can read the earlier blogs from last year to get up to speed):

For the 28 days of February, we challenge you to choose some kind of fitness activity you would like to do, or would like to do more of. I (and some guest bloggers) will be blogging about experiences participants have had, at the end of February, we encourage you to make a donation to the RUH foundation to support Parkinson’s research.  Last year, just over $3400 was raised!!

I am really excited to share some of the stories I have heard from folks who participated last year, but the MOST exciting part is that many of them have kept it up! It has been a year of real learning for me, personally. I have had my own experiences with fitness activities – mostly ups but some downs – and I have learned so much on this journey. I have been inspired and challenged by many people. Hopefully, some of our stories will encourage, inspire and challenge you toward a lifestyle of wellness.

We are officially in count-down mode: T-Minus 23 days and counting. . .