It is possible that my interest in learning stems from my experience as a classroom teacher. Or it may be that my interest in learning was always there, and it was merely reflected in the teaching. I suspect the second thought is more accurate. At any rate, I like learning and I am interested in how we learn. The wellness journey my family and I have been on over the past few years has highlighted the importance of learning about wellness – actively, and purposefully.

I believe we gain more than just information when we actively seek out new knowledge. We gain an entirely new (and improved) outlook on life in general and our own life in particular. I am convinced that we need to learn how to find good resources and become proficient at internalizing that information – whether by reading, watching a video, or talking to a coach or mentor. The more new information we can capture, the better. What I am really saying is that a significant part of our own wellness involves learning about a variety of things.

Through introspection, we can learn about our personal physical health, our stressors and de-stressors, and we can evaluate the progress we are making in our own personal wellness. Through other people – coaches, trainers, mentors, friends/family members – we can learn through their experiences and shared wisdom. Finally, through external resources – books, magazine and Internet articles, videos, etc. – we can choose from a virtually limitless range of specific topics.

What I’m driving at is this: you might learn helpful wellness things by accident, or by osmosis, but if you make it a priority to grow in what you know about your own wellness, I think you gain the ability to manage your own wellness over time. I personally know a number of people who have essentially reversed declining physical health and atrophy by leaving the metaphorical siding they were parked on and switching onto a main track where they are now testing the limits of a more active life. In fact, after nearly a year on this new track, one person I am thinking of still has not found their new “limits” – they continue to build endurance and strength, and to make progress. And that does not even begin to describe how their quality of life has improved.

Learning about your own physical status and making a plan to develop your personal wellness entirely lies within your power. Go for it! Be an active learner and become a student of your own wellness.