It’s the end of March, and that has brought us to the end of the Burpee Challenge month. We heard about the challenge, put together a rogue team, and inserted our team into the action! It has not unexpectedly been a grueling, tough sled, but we managed to finish strong. Kristi outdid possibly every human on the planet with her last day total of 281! So between the two of us, we managed to crank out 4501 burpees this month.  That’s 4501 points for our team!!

What have I learned?

1. Burpees ARE grueling, but your body adapts. I don’t hate burpees any more.  I don’t love or even like them, but I know I can do them and they aren’t going to beat me.

2. Pacing yourself (say, sets of 10 with a 10-15 second rest between) also lets you complete more than you could if you just did them straight.

3. Having a challenge helps motivate and, well, challenge you to step up and achieve.

4. Having someone like, say, your daughter, crank out burpees in incredible numbers definitely challenges you to step up your game.

5. I’m feeling a bit disappointed now that this challenge is over.

6. It is time to transition to summer training activities. For me, that will be some sport-specific training. But with the kettlebells in February and the burpees in March, I feel like I’m starting at a way better place than ever before for this time of year. Bring it on!!

7. I learned that, while we’ve been blasting away on the burpees, Mom has continued her virtual walk, passing the second town and continuing eastward. That is also an inspiration!