After the Kettlebell Challenge was finished, we were lucky enough to get the “opportunity” to work on a team to do as many burpees as possible during the month of March. As they say, everyone loves to hate burpees, but I have to admit it has been kind of fun to make these “enjoyable” exercises part of my daily routine. I say “kind of” because the fun is now “kind of” wearing off. Glad there are only six days left!

Once March 31st comes and goes, I don’t think they will be part of my daily routine, but I have learned a few things. First, when you start doing these – I mean when you first put burpees into your exercise routine – they make you feel pretty terrible. It’s a high-intensity shock to your system. You are overwhelmed by thinking how good it would feel to STOP. Second, I learned that you fairly quickly adapt to it and can do more than you thought (you still feel pretty terrible, but you can actually do quite a few burpees while feeling this way). Third, I learned that strategy comes into play. Fourth, I learned what “100 burpees for time” means. Fifth, I learned that, even though the world’s most interesting man does not always do burpees, when he does, even he has negative thoughts about them. Finally, I learned that I am more competitive than I thought!

Here are my takeaways:

Burpees are really intense, but jumping in and going for it yields a pretty quick adaptation: I can do way more than when I started three weeks ago. Another takeaway has been learning the strategy of pacing myself. For example, I’ve learned that I can crank out quite a few burpees using Tabata-style sets of 20 seconds with 10 second rests. I also tried sets of 40 seconds with 15 second rests, and that worked even better.

I am pretty sure I won’t continue daily burpees after this challenge. But I now don’t fear them, and I like the idea of adding burpees to the “popsicle stick cup” – my daughter’s cool trick to randomize your workout. You draw a stick (with an exercise written on it) at random from the cup, and then you do the exercise. It adds variety and keeps your interest up. I should also say that my daughter has not only challenged and inspired me, but also a few of our burpee challenge teammates.

Our biggest challenge now is what to do after March. Looks like people will be developing their own training goals and activities, but I think we’re going to try to keep the network alive with mutual updates, challenges, encouragement (and smack-talk, of course). When we get the final numbers from the burpee challenge, I’ll post them here. Should be fun to see how many burpees got cranked out!

One thought on “Keeping Busy In-Between”
  1. honestly, burpees aren't so intimidating to me anymore. when i was a student at the high school, i participated in the lunch fitness sessions EVERYDAY (as soon as they were required for sports, mind you i started out doing them for FUN, and then did them for XCountry and soccer)… i remember when i saw the "100 burpee challenge" written on the chalkboard, i would sigh and complain. i had no strategy of doing it… just start and do as many as i could. of course, about 10 or more in, i battled with the mind game. *story time* i still vividly remember coming down to my last 30 seconds or so of the burpee challenge and i wanted to beat my number of burpees that i'd previously done. i don't remember how many it was, but i do remember my gym teacher in squat position right in front of me with a timer and counting how many i had left to go and pushing me to keep going and not give up. at that point, my breathing was heavy, my heart pounding, i was sweaty completely exhausted. i dont remember if i beat my # if reps or not :/

    all that said, i'm not as intimidated (like dad said) to incorperate them into my workout. with this challenge, i tried different strategies: 3 sets of 20 during the day (60 total), find 2 places beside each other and alternate with 10 in each place until i reach my desired #, or my most recent, divide the house into 10 rooms and do 10 burpees in each, or 5 rooms with 20 in each (100 total each way). i use those tricks whenever i aim to do 100 burpees…. this challenge has been good this month. i've told myself and other friends, that yes, burpees are grueling and the worst thing ever, but they are soooo good for your body. it's like the ultimate body exercise that will make you sweat in a very short amount of time. can't wait to see what we will be up to in April 🙂

    …….also keep up the great work on your walking grandma!!

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