Welcome to this year’s Wellness challenge! I’m excited to get going and it’s great to see people registering. We’ll announce the first registration prize winner tomorrow (you still have until midnight tonight (Feb. 1) to register to get in on the first draw. There will be two more draws after that for registered participants. Details here.

So far, we have folks participating(officially) in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, doing a variety of wellness activities like… sewing, walking, yoga, rock climbing, hiking, plank, fishing, cross-country skiing, stationary bike and, of course, kettlebells.

I’m hoping to connect with some national Parkinson’s resources and share that with the group here. The more informed we are, the more supportive we can be.

Thanks for participating. If you haven’t already registered, please consider registering us as we boost our wellness and raise awareness about Parkinson’s Disease. And put the word out to your network – support two great causes in one!

For the Kettlebellers… if you’re new to kettlebells, please watch the video here on proper body mechanics for kettlebells.

By Richard