You could say he’s been at it again.  Through a rather unlikely sequence of events, an email from Dave arrived in my inbox on Friday (DAY 26 of our challenge).  The upshot of the email was that another challenge had been hatched by some folks in Ottawa whereby teams of 10 would each do burpees for the month of March and see how many burpees each team could do.  At one point per burpee, this challenge has a competitive angle.

“This sounds like a perfect thing to follow up our February challenge”, I thought.  Okay, so that’s a straight-up lie.  What I really thought was more like, “ANYTHING but that, Zazoo.  So, this morning, I signed up and talked two others into joining me – on DAY 29, the very day that our challenge was wrapping up.

Burpees, in the opinion of many people, are both awesome and horrible.  Or maybe “terrible, horrible, awful, really bad, awesome, and horrible”.  Ask anyone who has done alot of these – they are generally “appreciated” for how grueling, exhausting, sweat-provoking, grind-you-into-the-floor-ing that they are.  Anyone who likes them probably has only read about them in books, I say.

I chose the word appreciated for a reason, though.  I have said before that discipline is not usually enjoyable – it is unpleasant.  The payoff, though, comes down the road for those who have “been trained by it.” Burpees, while we love to hate them, are possibly one of the most complete, best-bang-for-your-buck exercises ever invented.  So, as unpleasant as they might be, they are powerful fitness-inducers.

Personally, I told Dave I’m going to treat this as an experiment.  I’m going to try a variety of formats to see how I can maximize the number of these I can do per day.  So I can’t project a number at all. But that’s part of the fun. The other part of the fun is that I know my numbers are contributing to a team, so there’s some extra incentive.  Stay tuned and we’ll share some of our experiences and insight as we learn from this challenge.

What’s next – April “Squats” month?  Oh, no!  Did I say that out loud?

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  1. This was a good question, so I put together a short post about it. Not exhaustive, but it gives some basics and points to a few video examples.

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