You’ve been at it for nearly two weeks already.  By now you may have noticed that you get less tired after a workout.  Or, you are able to do more of the workout exercise than before.  This just means that your body is adapting to the work.  That is one thing that our bodies are quite good at:  adapting. So the exercise stresses our system (actually causes micro damage to the muscles involved) and our body adapts – by rebuilding itself stronger than before.  The new, stronger you can do more exercise work now, and it takes less out of you, so you recover more quickly and feel better sooner.

At just under two weeks into the challenge, you might still feel inconvenienced because your schedule has not fully adjusted yet, but the effects of your exercise are probably starting to show up. Pay attention to how you are feeling throughout your day now.  You probably have a pleasant, relaxed feeling after you have cooled down from your workout.  Pay attention to your energy level. Or how you are sleeping – have you naturally been getting more sleep?  Are you drinking enough water?  Eating a nutritious, balanced diet.

All of these things are signals that your body is changing, and this will likely bring about some changes to your daily routines.  To put it all in perspective, you took on a challenge which has been physically stressing your body, and as it adapts, you become more fit.  As the challenge goes on, look for the workout routines to become more “routine”, and expect at least some of the inconvenience to fade.  And take some encouragement from the fact that you have found one of the principles of well-being:  you have the ability to make lifestyle changes which will improve your fitness.

6 thought on “DAY 12: Starting to Adapt”
  1. 1. today I experimented with some American Style (overhead) swings – brutal on the forearms. I encourage others to look up kettlebell variations if they want to mix it up – two kettlebells, split swings, walking swings, side-steps, etc…
    2. I was thinking that I should get a friend to video me from different angles at some point to confirm and improve my form. It is probably easy to complacently think that we are awesome because we are doing so many, but we may actually be reinforcing bad and lazy form if we don't keep on top of it. In rugby the expression is friendly boots don't hurt – I would suggest that accepting constructive criticism about our form is something we should seek and encourage – even though we may not want to hear it.

  2. ** From Casey **
    my name is Casey. I did lots of exercises. I did 1195. like squats,jumping jacks, running, stair climbing, burpees, push ups, chair squats. And my goal is to get up to 2500. Good luck with your challenge! Good bye, talk to you later.

  3. ** From McKenna **
    My name is McKenna and I am 8 years old. I am doing a Kettle bell challenge but I am not doing kettlebells. I am doing all sorts of exercises like: push ups, squats, lunges, stairs, steps holding a heavy thing. My dad is giving us 1 cent for every exercise, but my grandma who has Parkinson's thought he was cheap so she is giving us 5 cents per exercise – this is an awesome thing to do cause I am raising money for Parkinson's charity. My total to date is 1054

  4. You two (well, your dad, too) are amazing! I like what you are learning about exercising and working hard. What great numbers!! I just made my half-way point today, so I'm pretty excited about that!

  5. The workouts are going great… 3 keys to success for me are being part of a group, having a plan and the overall target of 10,000 is keeping me motivated to not miss a workout. I am noticing a difference in my stamina and also as my daily increase in total reps is happening…. I am pushing myself harder. Feeling really good about it.

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