I hope you planned ahead and scheduled yourself a free day today! I’m serious. One of my colleagues mentioned feeling a bit guilty about having a “lazy day” on Superbowl Sunday. My thought was this: call it a “recovery day” and be done with it! Enjoy.

In the final analysis, we are encouraging and challenging people to consider their wellness and do more healthy activities to improve their quality of life. Quality of life includes enjoying a football game (probably with some super-delicious snacks) now and again. Quality of life, I would argue, actually includes planning to do enjoyable activities. We all need to dose ourselves frequently with something fun and meaningful or we start to sour up. In that case, not only do we begin to lose our joie du vivre but we can start sucking the enjoyment out of the people around us.

Don’t be a fun-sucker! Do something fun and possibly even romantic today. Keep your enthusiasm set to “MAX”, and enjoy yourself.

You get to work out tomorrow!

Happy Valentine’s Day