… continued from Monday

Well, after the second class I went downtown and bought some new shoes – good, expensive walking shoes. Now I felt really committed. I couldn’t stop now. I told my friends about the class. Now I had accountability. People would notice if I was, missing. In addition, I felt a sense of pride when people asked me, “How far have you gone now?” or “Have you reached Brandon yet?”

The first sign of success happened the day I was finishing my lap in the hallway when I walked right on past my own door and was well into a second lap before I noticed it! I wasn’t even tired. Gradually I was able to do more laps and kept losing count. The second sign of success was the day when I came home from my class and found myself preparing lunch without having sat down to rest first. In thinking about it I realized that I had not rested the previous day either. In fact, I couldn’t remember when I stopped resting as soon as I arrived home. As time went on I not only wasn’t tired but I felt energized for the rest of the day.

During my walks I started experimenting with my posture, trying to walk without leaning so heavily on the Walker. I invented a silly little poem which I recited over and over to the rhythm of my steps.

Don’t drag, lift your feet as you’re walking down the street

Long strides, nice and long – now you ‘re moving right along

Don’t lean, stand up tall – keep your balance – just don’t fall!

Chest out – shoulders back as you’re walking round the track

Keep your head up nice and high, smile at folks as they pass by.

… continued Friday