Our weather here has been a more typical winter, with lots of cold weather (-25C) and LOTS of snow. I had intended to do a few sets of kettlebells after work yesterday (Day 2 of the Wellness Challenge) but our driveway was filled in (again), the deck was covered (again), the gazebo had nearly a foot on top (again), and the roof vents were nearly covered in (again). And 5-10cm of more snow forecast in two days (again).

The good news was that our pool is now open again, but with swimming starting at 6:30, there wasn’t time to dig out the car AND add in a few more kettlebells. So, I went with shovelling. I even roped my wife into helping.

Alas, it is decisions like this which reflect life. You make plans, and then you have to deal with life. And somewhere in the midst of it all, you reach an equilibrium between planning your life and reacting to your life. That equilibrium is fluid, so yesterday, the shovelling won out. Today, though, I think it will be the kettlebells.

What ultimately matters is that, in spite of everything, I’m navigating life and the wellness journey. You just have to roll with it.

By Richard