My “plan” for today was Kettlebells. But, you may remember from yesterday, I still had a whole bunch of snow that had to get cleared before it turned to cement. So, after work, it was kettlebell warmup (clearing snow for two hours) and then kettlebells.

The cool thing is that this year my wife is riding along on the bike (in a wind trainer) and reading, so we often hit the basement “gym” at the same time and do our respective challenge activities. My routine for the past few years is to watch through my stack of Kettlebell movies, and today I started “Master and Commander”. Because the bike trainer is not exactly silent, I had to adapt, and so I connected up some bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones. Ever cool! My movie didn’t distract my wife’s reading, and I was able to hear the movie perfectly!

However, after a big batch of snow clearing yesterday, plus some swimming, and then another even bigger batch of snow clearing today, plus some kettlebells, I am in a happy stupor, capable of little more than being indecisive and watching tv. Oh – and when dessert has cooled down in a few minutes, I should be capable of snarfing that down.

All of this to say that I am avoiding thinking about tomorrow. It has been two days of physical work, and I am confident that…

…I’m gonna feel this one!

By Richard