You’ve been at this challenge nearly a week now.  That should be enough time for the novelty to have worn off.  You have realized that the first part of workout is “work”.  You may be feeling some discomfort – sore muscles, blisters (they’ll toughen up), fatigue.  Maybe you disrupted your normal routine and it’s causing inconvenience.  You might even be starting to question why you thought this was a good idea in the first place.

Especially if a fitness routine is new to you, this is just about exactly where you are likely to find yourself less than a week in.  Tired, a bit sore, maybe even discouraged.  And the voice in your head hinting that it would be easier to stop might even be getting louder.

Of course it would be easier to stop!  But today maybe you need a gut check.  You are doing this for your own wellness.  You are challenging yourself to improve, and it takes effort and work (and any discomfort and inconvenience that goes along with that).  You signed on to a 29-day challenge.  If you are getting discouraged, you’re looking too close to your own hood – look farther down the road, like to February 29.  Go to the “Who’s Doing What” page and look at the list again.

See yourself chugging across your finish line feeling tougher, maybe a bit stronger, and proud of yourself.  You will have earned that, because your accomplishment is the direct result of your own effort.

2 thought on “DAY 5: Gut Check Time!”
  1. well said!
    Visualization is a great tool to motivate – both for long term and short term goals.

    Another little trick to help the grind is to focus on your breathing – take controlled breaths and feel good about exhaling, really try to enjoy the process. Although it seems trivial, breath control plays a significant role in positive feelings during adverse conditions.

    Take a few deep breaths and see yourself achieving a Personal Best.
    For those doing the KB swings – challenge yourself to accomplish something new. Even if it is only a few repetitions, it is still a personal best and a victory. If you look at your workouts as achieving a positive outcome everytime, it will be easier. Keep it up!

    I am now onto a 2 day rest period (2883 complete)

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