I have talked to LOTS of people in the past few months about this fitness challenge.  What has struck me most is this:  I haven’t had to “convince” anyone to do this.  It probably would not have worked anyway.  What I have realized now is that almost everyone seemed to already want to do something to improve their fitness.  Most of them had some idea or plan for an activity they wanted to do, but they just hadn’t taken that final step to execute the plan.

The fitness challenge appears to have tapped into something that was already there:  most of us want to be fit.  To get started, though, most of us know we need some encouragement and support, and maybe a reasonable plan.   I think this is where we had the good fortune to pop into their picture:  we harnessed the encouragement and support of a larger group, and in some cases, also helped people come up with an idea or plan that would work for them.  That’s all they needed.

So again – thank you to everyone for your enthusiasm.  Look what you can do!